Ceramic Decoration: a selective guide to pots in the collection of the Crafts Study Centre

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   Theme Title   Ceramic Decoration: a selective guide to pots in the collection of the Crafts Study Centre    
   Context   Higher Education Further Education    
   Description of Use   It should be used for information and study by collectors, curators, students and enthusiasts.   
   Difficulty   Easy   
   Intended End User Role   Learner Undergraduate Foundation   
   Interactivity Level   Low   
   Interactivity Type   Expositive   
   Language   English en-UK   
   Learning Resource Type   Narrative text Image   
   Typical Age Range   16+   
   Typical Learning Time   45+   
   Author   Margot Coatts   
   Banner   ceramics.jpg   
   Contributor   David Westwood, photographer at the Crafts Study Centre   
   Description   This guide and information package on ceramic decoration exposes an aspect of the Crafts Study Centres collection in which it is particularly strong. It is designed to appeal to BA level and other art and design students, to craft curators, collectors, potters and people in general who appreciate pots.   
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   Theme ID   csccer   
   Language   English en-UK   
   Location   Durweston pottery Dorset Devon Abuja Nigeria Africa UK England Winchcombe Pottery Kilmington Manor Aldermaston Pottery Dartington St. Ives Cornwall Lowerdown Pottery Coleshill Wenford Bridge Pottery   
   Period   20th century 1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s   
   Publication Date   19/04/2005   
   Publisher   VADS   
   Resource Type   Narrative text Image   
   Rights   © Text: Margot Coatts 2004/ Images: Crafts Study Centre 2004   
   Source   Crafts Study Centre   
   Subject Keywords   Richard Batterham Svend Bayer Michael Cardew Michael Casson T.S. (Sam) Haile John Maltby Katharine Pleydell-Bouverie Lucie Rie Audrey Blackman Hans Coper Bernard Leach David Leach Jim Malone Rosemary Wren Alan Caiger-Smith Henry Hammond William Staite Murray Mary White ceramics crafts liquid colour brush decoration textured surfaces modelled surfaces earthenware slipware stoneware porcelain   



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