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Pocket, single, embroidered

Core Record

Title Pocket, single, embroidered
Collection Victoria and Albert Museum
Date early 1700s
Main Image View Pocket, front view
Other Image Views Pocket, back view
Pocket,detail of embroidery
Description The front of the pocket is made from one piece of twill weave linen and two pieces of coarser twill weave linen pieced to the top. It is embroidered in chain, satin, back stitches and French knots in pink, red, yellow, green and blue wool in flowers, stems, leaves and possibly berries. There are also two small cross-shaped motifs. Part of the opening is embroidered in black wool. The back is made from one piece of plain weave linen, as is the lining to the front. The edges are bound with twill weave linen tape. The ties are missing.
Museum Number T730.B.1913
Subject Linen/Materials, Vertical/Openings/Construction, Single/Number/Construction, Embroidered/Decoration, Tape/Attachment/Construction
Measurements 33.8cm (13 5/16") x 21.2cm (8 3/8")
Rights Owner ŠV&A Images/ Victoria and Albert Museum
Rights Status The information within and all images that appear may be used for educational purposes only. They may not be copied, altered or amended for any other purpose, without prior permission of the copyright holder(s).



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