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Core Record

Title The Angels Appearing to the Shepherds
Collection Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Artist Flemish School
Date Earliest about 1500
Date Latest about 1600
Description This work is on two painted wood panels, 13.3 x 7.0 and 13.3 x 5.1mm. They would originally have formed part of a larger painting, probably representing the appearance of the angels to the shepherds. This, the larger piece shows an angel appearing to shepherds. The angel gestures with his right hand. Two shepherds with sheep point to the angel. A third shepherd is shown awakening from sleep. The scene takes place at night, in keeping with the description in the bible. The edges of what may be rays of star light may be seen at the top edge of the panel.
Current Accession Number 1930P440.1
Former Accession Number P.44030A
Subject religion (Annunciation to the Shepherds))
Measurements 13.3 x 7 cm.0 cm (estimate)
Material oil on panel
Acquisition Details Given by Mrs R. E. Giles 1930.
Publications Foreign Paintings in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, A Summary Catalogue, 1983, no. 61, ill.
Notes 1930P440.1 seems like a complete whole as the edges of the panel are slightly bevelled. 1930P440.2 on the other hand, seems to be a fragment with a piece missing from the left hand side.
Rights Owner Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Author Dr Patricia Smyth



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