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Title Cattle and Landscape
Collection Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery
Artist Haas, Johannes Hubertus Leonardus de (Dutch painter, 1832-1908)
Date 1879 (dated)
Signed yes
Description The painting depicts a rural landscape, comprising a field with three cows in it. The cows are contrasting colours, and the artist has depicted in exact detail the various characteristics of their breed. It is a hot summer's day, and in the far distance the rest of the herd can be seen. Haas was a specialist in painting cattle, and was well-known as an expert in bovine anatomy. Series of his studies were purchased for educational purposes by academies in Madrid, Berlin, and Stuttgart.
Current Accession Number BLKMG:P130
Inscription front ll 'J H S de Haas 79'
Subject landscape; animal (cow)
Measurements 67.5 x 99 cm (estimate)
Material oil on canvas
Acquisition Details Purchased from Richard Hawort 1912.

The limitations of Haas's oeuvre may be seen in a comparison with a print after another Vāches au Pāturage, from a sale dated the 15/11/1906. (National Gallery Photographic Library.) The positions of the two cows on the right of the picture are virtually identical to the Blackburn painting. It is unlikely that the two paintings are related, except possibly by date; it merely illustrates that Haas had a rather repetitive formula for his work that nonetheless did not stop it being extremely popular.

A dissertation could be written on the influence of Richard Haworth, ' Dealer in Works of Art' of 35 Preston Road, Blackburn,on art collecting in the Blackburn/Accrington region. His importance was inevitable; by dint of being the main art dealer in the area, you could not buy what he did not stock. However, he knew his market; the bourgeois tastes of the great and good of Blackburn, and hence a predominance of landscape and rural scenes, animals and genre painting in the records of his dealership. He dealt in popular continental painters such as Verboeckhoven, de Bock, de Haas, as well as those like de Hoog, whom he could buy cheap and sell high, not to mention minor British artists by the dozen. It is probable that the majority of art-works in the local galleries were originally acquired through him. However, he was much more than simply a dealer; he was foremost amongst such notables as the Haworths (William and Anne Haworth of Hollis House, Accrington - no relation) and Ald. T. E. Higham in promoting the development of public collections in the area. In 1908 he was given credit by Higham for his help in arranging the Loan Exhibition at the Carnegie Library, Accrington: ‘The pictures have been secured in many instances by the personal influence and enthusiastic interest of Mr. Haworth of Blackburn, to whom I am indebted in carrying out much of the arduous work involved in the Exhibition.' (Catalogue of the loan Exhibition of Pictures, Organised by His Worship the Mayor, Held in the Carnegie Library, February and March, 1908, Accrington, 1908.)

Richard Haworth loaned 12 paintings to the exhibition (for sale, of course). In 1921, when the Haworth bequest gave to Accrington Hollis House, now the Haworth Art Gallery, it is recorded in the council minutes that he was asked to move ‘under [his] direction' the Carnegie Library paintings into the new gallery building, to form part of what is now the permanent collection. Hopefully he will be remembered for his efforts in stimulating and directing the interest of local people in the fine arts.

Rights Owner © Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery
Author Malcolm Barclay



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