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Title St John the Baptist
Collection Bolton Museum and Archive Service
Artist After Caravaggio, Michelangelo Merisi da (Italian painter, 1571-1610)
Date Earliest probably about 1600
Date Latest probably about 1700
Description The painting is a direct copy of the St. John by Caravaggio in the Capitoline museum, Rome; it depicts the Baptist as a young boy in the wilderness, accompanied by a ram. The original source may be a Michelangelo ignudo (male nude) from the Sistine Chapel ceiling, after a print by Alberti Cherumbino, a known associate of Caravaggio.
Current Accession Number BOLMG:1999.127
Subject religion (St John the Baptist)
Measurements 148.2 x 109 cm.0 cm (estimate)
Material oil on canvas
Acquisition Details Given by Harry Bridson 1922.
Principal Exhibitions Art and Industry Exhibition, Bolton Museum and Art Gallery, 1996.

Harry Bridson (b. 1848), of 112 Chorley New Road, Bolton, was a bleacher of cotton cloth at T. R. Bridson & Sons, Ltd., the Bolton Bleach Works, and director of the Bleachers Association.

Although the print by Cherumbino quoted in the documentation of this painting has not been identified, the ignudi referred to is probably the figure above and to the right of the Persian Sibyl. The pose is reversed, which would confirm that the source was a print after Michelangelo.

Extensive over-painting is visible over the entire figure. Untouched areas, such as the landscape in the background, actually appear to be of good quality. The painting is probably a seventeenth-century copy after Caravaggio that suffered extensive damage and has later been restored.

Rights Owner From the collections of Bolton Museum & Archive Service.  İBolton Council
Author Malcolm Barclay



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