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Anubis, Canine God Of Cemeteries And Embalming, funerary stela of Iba-ankhu and Seneb

Core Record

Title funerary stela of Iba-ankhu and Seneb
Collection Artworld: Oriental Museum
Artist Anubis, Canine God Of Cemeteries And Embalming
Date 2008 - 1630 BCE
Description Round-topped funerary stela.
At the top of the stela are five rows of text, hotep-di-nesw offering formula to Anubis for Iba-ankhu and his brother, the Scribe of the Residence of the Great House Seneb. Both men are represented on sitting on either side of a laden offering table, holding a flail in one hand and a double sash in the other. Below the scene are six rows of hieroglyphs on either side of a second offering table, listing the names of their relatives.
Description Source Birch, S. 1880. Catalogue of the Collection of Egyptian Antiquities at Alnwick Castle, London: R. Clay, Sons, and Taylor, p. 273-274
Cultural Context Egyptian
Id Number Former Accession N1939
Inscription Egyptian, hieroglyphic, incised on front
Location Creation Site Misr
Location Current Repository The Oriental Museum
Subject architecture, architectural element, stela, funerary, votive, man
Measurements 32.4 x 40 cm
Relation References Hart, G. 1986. A Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. London New York: Routledge & Kegan Paul, p. 21-26.
Rights Oriental Museum, University of Durham, Durham, 2002. All Rights reserved
Rights Owner OM
Style Period Middle Kingdom
Work Type stela



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