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Title A Shepherdess
Alternative Title Female Saint
Collection Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery
Artist Bray, Salomon de (Dutch painter, architect, and poet, 1597-1664)
Previously attributed to Bloemaert, Abraham (Dutch painter and draftsman, 1566-1651)
Previously attributed to Bray, Jan de (Dutch painter, ca. 1627-1697)
Date Earliest about 1625
Date Latest about 1625
Description The young woman is presented as a shepherdess; she holds a type of shepherd's crook, although the material of her dress is too luxurious for a real shepherdess. Salomon de Bray's eclectic output included portraits, as well as religious subjects histories and landscapes. Some of his half-length images of Old Testament figures have the presence of portraits, and in the past it has been suggested that this picture was intended to represent Ruth. Bray's varied activities also extended to poetry, architecture and town planning, and he was a leading member of the Haarlem artists' guild.
Current Accession Number K2834
Subject figure (shepherdess)
Measurements 70.8 x 56.5 cm cm (estimate)
Material oil on panel (hardwood {mahogany})
Acquisition Details Purchased from Captain E. S. Moulton Barrett through Bearne's, Torquay, 1961, lot 729, 300, as attributed to Jan de Bray.
Provenance Bequeathed[;] by Miss Florene Moulton-Barrett, Somerset, to Capt. E. S. Moulton. Barrett, Torquay.
Principal Exhibitions Primitives to Picasso, Royal Academy, London, 1962, cat. no. 88, as attributed to Salomon de Bray.
Publications Catalogue of Oil Paintings, City Art Gallery, Bristol, Bristol, 1970, p. 137, no. K2834, as by Salomon de Bray; McNeil Kettering, A. The Dutch Arcadia, Montclair N. J., 1983, p. 47, fig. 38; Wright, C., Dutch Painting in the Seventeenth Century: Images of a Golden Age in British Collections, London and Birmingham, 1989, p. 174, as by Salomon de Bray.
Notes Probably traditionally associated with Salomon de Bray; Martin Davies, National Gallery, suggested an attribution to Bloemaert, before 1970; attributed by Neil Maclaren to Moreelse, before 1970; re-attributed by an unnamed curator from The Hague to Salomon de Bray, before 1970.
Rights Owner Bristol's Museums, Galleries & Archives
Author Dr Susan Steer



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