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Title River Scene
Alternative Title River Scene with Fishermen; River Scene with Church
Collection Buckinghamshire County Museum, Aylesbury
Artist Imitator of Goyen, Jan van (Dutch painter and printmaker, 1596-1656)
Date Earliest possibly 1680
Date Latest possibly 1690
Signed yes
Description Of the three works within the same bequest painted in the manner of Jan van Goyen, this is the earliest and most faithful imitation. It does not appear to be a copy of a specific painting, although it clearly emulates Van Goyen's works. The composition, the use of figures and the stylistic treatment of aspects such as the foliage closely mimic the master, but without the impact of his skill. Whether the painting was originally intended as a fraudulent copy is unknown. It is likely that the 'VG' monogram was added at a later date, possibly over an existing inscription.
Current Accession Number AYBCM:ARTT.663
Inscription front ll 'VG 1630 F.' or 'VG 1650 F.'
Subject landscape
Measurements 29.8 x 45.1 cm cm (estimate)
Material oil on panel
Acquisition Details Bequeathed by Miss Katherine Rosa Tompson 1950
Provenance Probably by descent to Miss Katherine Rosa Tompson.

Back of panel: pencil '118'. Back of frame: label, 'river scene with church. / bequest Miss K R Tompson'.

After seeing photographs of the painting Hans-Ulrich Beck identified the painting as a good imitation of Van Goyen probably dating to 1680-90. Beck was previously unaware of the painting and it is not included in his catalogue of works by Jan van Goyen and his imitators (Beck, H.-U., Jan van Goyen, 1596-1656: ein Oeuvreverzeichnis, Amsterdam, 1972-91).

Miss Tompson's bequest included seven paintings and some antique lace. Most of the works are Dutch in style.

Miss Katherine Rosa Tompson, Round Coppice, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire.

The house Round Coppice was purchased in 1787 by Carrier Tompson (the donor's great-grandfather). His heirs were Edward Tompson (grandfather), Edward Carrier Smith Tompson (d. 1906;, father), Ronald Fawcett Carrier Tompson (d. 1916, brother) and Frances Rosa Tompson (mother). It is unknown who was responsible for acquiring the paintings left in Miss Tompson's bequest.

Rights Owner Buckinghamshire County Museum
Author Dr Anne L. Cowe



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