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 Bordone, Paris (Italian painter, 1500-1571) , Virgin and Child with Saints John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene and Liberale

Core Record

Title Virgin and Child with Saints John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene and Liberale
Alternative Title The Virgin and the Child with Saints John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene and George (1855 and 1864 catalogue)
Collection Culture and Sport Glasgow (Museums): Kelvingrove Museum
Artist Bordone, Paris (Italian painter, 1500-1571)
Previously attributed to Giorgione (Italian artist, 1477-1510)
Previously attributed to Palma, Jacopo, il vecchio (Italian painter, ca. 1479-1528)
Previously attributed to Pitati, Bonifazio de` (Italian painter, 1487-1553)
Date Earliest probably about 1524
Date Latest probably about 1525
Description The informal gathering of saints in a landscape, developed from Giovanni Bellini's Sacra conversazione-painting type, is typical of Paris Bordone, a Venetian painter born in Treviso. The patron saint of the town is Saint Liberale, who was painted in armour on the altar panel of the cathedral of Treviso. It is possible, therefore, that the saint on the right of this picture is indeed Liberale. On the other hand, if the commissioner of the painting was Venetian it is more probable that he is Saint George, who is also generally represented in armour and who was venerated in the lagoon.
Current Accession Number 191
Subject figure; religion (Virgin and Child, St John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene, St Liberale or St George[?])
Measurements 85.4 x 117.5 cm cm (estimate)
Material oil on panel
Acquisition Details Bequeathed by Archibald McLellan 1854.
Provenance Possibly from the Palazzo Riccardi, Florence (Glasgow gallery catalogue, 1935).
Principal Exhibitions McLellan Centenary Exhibition, Corporation of the City of Glasgow, Glasgow Art Gallery, 1954, cat. no. 9, as by Bonifazio di Pitati; Between Renaissance and Baroque: European Art 1520-1600, Manchester City Art Galleries, Manchester, 1965, cat. no. 40; Paintings from Glasgow Art Gallery: A Loan Exhibition of the National Art-Collections Fund, Wildenstein, London, 1980, cat. no. 2, p. 8; Humfrey, P. and others, The Age of Titian: Venetian Renaissance Art from Scottish Collections, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh, 2004, cat. no. 30.
Publications Waagen, G. F., Treasures of Art in Great Britain, London, 1854, vol. 3, p. 289, as Paris Bordone; The McLellan Gallery: Catalogue of Pictures Bequeathed to the People of Glasgow by the late Archibald McLellan, Glasgow, 1855, 'Centre Room: Italian and German Schools', no. 106, p. 12, as Paris Bordone; Pinnington, E., The Art Collection of the Corporation of Glasgow: Illustrated with Twenty-five Annan Photogravures, Glasgow, 1898, p. 79; Bailo, L. and G. Biscaro, Paris Bordon, Treviso, 1900, pp. 80-81, 126, no. 31, datable 1525; Schaefer, E., 'Bordone, Paris', Thieme, U. and F. Becker, Allgemeines Lexikon der Bildenden Künste, 1907-50, vol. 4, 1910, p. 349, as by Bordone; Berenson, B., Venetian Painters of the Renaissance, 3rd edn, Oxford, 1911, p. 95, as Bordone; Phillips, C., 'Paris Bordone', Burlington Magazine, vol. 27, 1915, p. 95; Venturi, A., Storia dell 'arte italiana, Milan, 1901-40, vol. 9, 1928, part 3, p. 1032, as Bordone; Berenson, B., Italian Pictures of the Renaissance: Venetian School, London, 1957, vol. 1, p. 46; Canova, G., Paris Bordon, Venice, 1964, p. 102, fig. 14; Steen, J., A Concise History of Venetian Art, London, 1970, pp. 148-52, fig. 121; Catalogue of Italian Paintings: Illustrations, Glasgow Art Gallery and Museums, 1970, p. 37 (ill.), as Paris Bordon; Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum: The Building and the Collections: with an Introduction by Alasdair A. Auld, London and Glasgow, 1987, p. 105, ill. 9; Grabsky, J., 'Rime d'amore di Paris Bordon: strutture visuali e poesia rinascimentale', in: Fossaluzzo, G. and E. Manzato, (eds), Paris Bordon e il suo tempo: Atti del convegno internazionale di studi, Treviso, 1987, p. 207; Lucco, M., 'Venezia 1500-1540', in: Lucco, M. (ed.), La Pittura nel Veneto: Il CinquecentoThe Age of Titian: Venetian Renaissance Art from Scottish Collections, Edinburgh, National Galleries of Scotland, 2004, p. 112-13, no. 30, as Paris Bordon.

Inscription on the back 'O[;]U6'; old blue bordered label inscribed with easel '8' in ink (does not correspond with any of the old gallery catalogue numbers).

Various pentimenti; an X-ray taken idiring recent conservation treatment reveals 'notable changes' the artist applied during the painting process. They 'include the entire alignment of the saint in armour at the right. The sword was more vertical ... The Child's proper left arm originally stretched across towards a mysterious and now cupped hand ... '.

The picture came to the gallery with an attribution to Paris Bordone, was attributed to 'Girogioni' in the 1882 catalogue, then to Jacopo Palma il vecchio (1882/3, 1885, 1888 catalogues), from 1892 to 1925 to Bonifazio Veronese, corrected to Bonifazio de' Pitati in 1935, and only reattributed to Bordone in the 1970 museum calaogue.

Rights Owner Culture and Sport Glasgow (Museums)
Author Dr Heiner Krellig



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