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Attributed to Dietrich, Christian Wilhelm Ernst (German painter and printmaker, 1712-1774) , Festive Gathering in a Park

Core Record

Title Festive Gathering in a Park
Collection Culture and Sport Glasgow (Museums): Kelvingrove Museum
Artist Attributed to Dietrich, Christian Wilhelm Ernst (German painter and printmaker, 1712-1774)
Previously attributed to Lancret, Nicolas (French painter, draftsman, and collector, 1690-1743)
Previously attributed to Pater, Jean-Baptiste (French painter, 1695-1736)
Date Earliest probably about 1720
Date Latest probably about 1750
Description In this version of a fête galante a large gathering of all ages has met at a fountain with a sculptured group, recalling Giovanni da Bologna's Rape of the Sabines in the Loggia dei Lanzi at Florence. Some of the guests have donned masks, others are wearing costumes that were already historical at the time the picture was painted. In the foreground, a luxuriously dressed lady courted by a Puncinello appears to be beginning a dance. She leads a celebrative procession carrying the figure of Bacchus through an alley formed by huge trees.
Current Accession Number 215
Subject landscape; everyday life
Measurements 47.0 x 62.2 cm cm (estimate)
Material oil on metal (copper)
Acquisition Details Bequeathed by Archibald McLellan 1854.
Principal Exhibitions Old Masters: XVII and XVIII Century French and Contemporary British Painting and Sculpture, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London,1907, cat. no. 127, as by Pater.
Publications Waagen, G. F., Treasures of Art in Great Britain, London, 1854, vol. 3, p. 286, as by Pater, not Lancret; The McLellan Gallery: Catalogue of Pictures Bequeathed to the People of Glasgow by the late Archibald McLellan, Glasgow, 1855, p. 13, 'East Room: French Pictures', no. 12, as Carnival Scene at Versailles, reign of Louis XV, by 'Jean Baptiste Pater'; Ingersoll-Smouse, F., Pater: Biographie et catalogue critique, Paris, 1928, p. 11, and no. 76, repr., as perhaps by Dietrich; Dutch and Flemish Netherlandish and German Paintings, Glasgow Art Gallery and Museums, 1961, vol. 1, text, pp. 42-43, vol. 2, illustrations, p. 114, as Dietrich.

Two old labels on frame, one with old title and attribution now partly dissolved, the other an exhibition label (Manchester;).

Earlier described by J. Paton (Catalogue Descriptive and Historical of the Pictures & Sculpture in the Corporative Galleries of Art, Glasgow, Glasgow, 1882, no. 337, pp. 67-68) as A Carnival Scene at Versailles ('Gaily and fantastically dressed musicians and mummers by a fountain in the Gardens of Versailles: the palace in the distance') attributed - following Waagen - to Jean Baptiste Pater, an attribution which remained until 1935. H. Miles, in Dutch and Flemish Netherlandish and German Paintings (Glasgow Art Gallery and Museums, 1961, vol. 1, p. 43), observed: 'The statue in the foreground is based on Giovanni da Bologna's Rape of the Sabines at Florence. The man with a guitar at the far side of the fountain is taken (presumably through the medium of the engraving) from Watteau's painting of Gilles and his family in the Wallace Collection, London (cat. 1928, No. 381). Leaning against one of the columns to the left is a figure wearing the tall hat of a German grenadier.' Allthough not entirely convincing, in view of the lack of a better proposal the current attribution to Dietrich has been left unchanged here.

Rights Owner Culture and Sport Glasgow (Museums)
Author Dr Heiner Krellig



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