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 Honthorst, Gerrit van (Dutch painter and draftsman, 1590-1656, active in Italy) , A Maidservant with a Basket of Fruit and Two Lovers

Core Record

Title A Maidservant with a Basket of Fruit and Two Lovers
Alternative Title The Fruit Seller
Collection Culture and Sport Glasgow (Museums): Kelvingrove Museum
Artist Honthorst, Gerrit van (Dutch painter and draftsman, 1590-1656, active in Italy)
Jordaens, Jacob (Flemish painter and draftsman, 1593-1678)
Date Earliest about 1630
Date Latest about 1635
Description An attractive young woman, with the sleeves of her blouse rolled up and a basket of fruit in her arms, smiles out at the viewer. She stands before an open window or door, behind which, in deep shadow, are the figures of a man and a woman. On the left, the man lays his arm on the shoulder of the woman who looks toward him and smiles. She holds a lighted candle in her left hand. The frame of the window is richly carved and includes the image of a satyr on the left. In top right a parrot sits on a stand.
Current Accession Number 84
Former Accession Number 118 (1855)
Subject allegory; figure; animal (parrot)
Measurements 119.6 x 157.1 cm cm (estimate)
Material oil on canvas
Acquisition Details Bequeathed by Archibald McLellan 1854.
Provenance Comte C. de Proli sale, Antwerp, 23 July 1785, lot 10; Sir Joshua Reynolds, c. £50; Sir Joshua Reynolds sale, London, c. 1790/1, bought by Noel Desenfans; Noel Desenfans sale, Skinner and Dyke's, London, 18 March 1802, lt 193, £90; Lucien Bonaparte, prince de Canino, by 1812; Lucien Bonaparte sale, Stanley's, London, 15 May 1816, lot 124, £178.10s; E. W. Lake sale, London, 7 April 1848, lot 72, bought by Hickman, £32.11s; Archibald McLellan, Glasgow, by 1854.
Principal Exhibitions Jordaens, Antwerp, 1905, cat. no. 65; Seventeenth-Century Art in Europe, Royal Academy, London, 1938, cat. no. 71; Flemish Art 1300-1700, Royal Academy, London, 1953/4, cat. no. 470; Jacob Jordaens, Ottawa, 1967/8, cat. no. 48; Paintings from the Glasgow Art Gallery, Wildenstein, London, 1980, cat. no. 16; Jacob Jordaens, Antwerp, 1993, pp. 138-140, cat. no. A39; Rubens e il suo secolo, Mexico City, 1998/9, cat. no. 57, & Ferrara, 1999, cat. no. 44.
Publications Catalogue [...] of Pictures belonging to Prince Lucien Bonaparte [...], London, 1815, no. 153; Buchanan, W., Memoirs of Painting, II, London, 1854, pp. 281, 292; McLellan Catalogue, Glasgow, 1855, p. 7, no. 118, as by G. Honthorst; Rooses, M., Jordaens, London, 1908, pp. 186-190, 265, as c. 1650; Puyvelde, L. van, Jordaens, Paris and London, 1953, pp. 119-120, 182, 206, as c. 1625; Miles, H., Catalogue of Dutch and Flemish Paintings in the Glasgow Art Gallery, Glasgow, 1961, I, pp. 76-77, no. 84, II, p. 21, as c. 1635-40; Hulst, R. A. d', Tekeningen van Jacob Jordaens, Antwerp and Rotterdam, 1966/7, p. 71, no. 41; Jaffé, M., Jacob Jordaens, Ottawa, 1968, no. 48; Hulst, R. A. d', Jordaens Drawings, Brussels, 1974, pp. 187 (A87), 191 (A91); Bauer, R., Barocke Tapisserien [...] Wien, Habturn, 1975, p. 33, no. 8; Paintings from the Glasgow Art Gallery, Wildenstein, London, 1980, cat. no. 16, as c. 1635; Hulst, R. A. d', Jacob Jordaens, London, 1982, pp. 153, 300, pl. 126; Nelson, K., 'Jacob Jordaens' Drawings for Tapestry', Master Drawings, XIII-XIV, 1985/6, no. 2, p. 222, fig. 7; Hulst, R. A. d', et al., Jacob Jordaens (1593-1678), I, Antwerp, 1993, pp. 138-140, no. A39, as c. 1630 (entry by N. de Poorter); Rubens e il suo secolo, Mexico City, 1998, cat. no. 57, and Ferrara, 1999, cat. no. 44 (entry by A. Padron Mérida).
Notes Related to a number of preparatory designs for one of series of tapestries, woven in Brussels, c. 1635, illustrating scenes from country life.
Rights Owner Culture and Sport Glasgow (Museums)
Author Robert Wenley



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