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Attributed to Bellini, Giovanni (Italian painter, born 1431-1436, died 1516) , Virgin and Child

Core Record

Title Virgin and Child
Collection Culture and Sport Glasgow (Museums): The Burrell Collection
Artist Attributed to Bellini, Giovanni (Italian painter, born 1431-1436, died 1516)
Attributed to Bellini, Giovanni (Italian painter, born 1431-1436, died 1516) and studio
Previously attributed to Pasqualino Venuto (Italian painter, active from 1496, died 1504)
Previously attributed to Perino del Vaga (Italian painter, decorative artist, and draftsman, 1501-1547)
Previously attributed to Rondinelli, Nicolò (Italian painter, ca.1450-ca.1510)
Date Earliest about 1480
Date Latest 1489
Description Giovanni Bellini was the first Venetian artist to replace the style of the mediaeval painters with an art based on the beauty of natural shapes and colours. The painting's special feature, the Child playing with a flower on a string, demonstrates this new tender realism in interpreting the relationship between the Mother of God and her Child. Despite the scratched blue of the coat the picture is of the highest quality and its origin from the great master of the Venetian Renaissance Giovanni Bellini cannot be doubted.
Current Accession Number 35.4
Former Accession Number 129
Inscription back 'PIRINO DEL VAGO'
Subject figure; religion (Virgin and Child)
Measurements 62.0 x 47.6 cm cm (estimate)
Material oil on panel
Acquisition Details Given by Sir William Burrell 1944.
Provenance Cardinal Francesco Barberini, Rome, by 1649, as by Perino del Vaga; by descent in the Barberini collection until about 1935; Arnold Seligmann, Paris, as by Nicolo Rondinelli; purchased from Seligmann (with the encouragement of Kenneth Clark) by Sir William Burrell, Hutton Castle, Berwickshire, 1936, £4,500 (purchase book).
Principal Exhibitions The Age of Titian: Venetian Renaissance Art from Scottish Collections, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh, 2004, cat. no. 4.
Publications Crowe, J. A. and G. B. Cavalcaselle, A History of Painting in North Italy, London, 1871, vol. 1, p. 189; Lafenestre, G. and E. Richtenberger, Rome: Les musées, les collections particulières, les palais, Paris, 1905, p. 152, no. 90; Gronau, G., Giovanni Bellini [Klassiker der Kunst in Gesamtausgaben, 36], Stuttgart and Berlin, 1930, pp. 110, 209, note to ill. 110, as by Giovanni Bellini; Van Marle, R., The Development of the Italian Schools of Painting, The Hague, 1923-36, vol. 17, pp. 283, 373, fig. 170; Berenson, B., Italian Pictures of the Renaissance ... :Venetian school, New York, 1957, vol. 1, p. 31, pl. 237; Pallucchini, R., Giovanni Bellini, Milan, 1959, p. 145, fig. 143; Heinemann, F., Giovanni Bellini e I Belliniani, Venezia, 1962, no. 36, vol. 1, p. 9, as probably authentic; The Burrell Collection. Pictures, Glasgow Art Gallery, McLellan Galleries, Glasgow, undated (ill.); Bottari, S. (ed.), Tutta la pittura di Giovanni Bellini, Milan, 1963, vol. 2, 1485-1515, p. 24, tav. 46; Robertson, G., Giovanni Bellini, Oxford, 1968, p. 96, pl. LXXVIII a, with 'a degree of studio participation'; Pignatti, T., L'opera completa di Giovanni Bellini, Milan, 1969, no. 124, pp. 99-100, as Giovanni Bellini, 1488; Lavin, M. A., Seventeenth Century Barberini Documents and Inventories of Art, New York, 1975, p. 249, no. 840; Goffen, R., Giovanni Bellini, New Haven and London, 1989, p. 289, under 'Works by Giovanni Bellini with Assistance and Uncertain Attributions', as Bellinesque; Tempestini, A., Giovanni Bellini, Florence, 1992, pp. 186-87 (ill.), cat. 65; Hamilton, V., 'Italian Old Masters in Glasgow: Resources for Research', Journal of the Scottish Society for ArtHistory, vol. 8, 2003, pp. 87-92; Humphrey, P., cat. entry, The Age of Titian: Venetian Renaissance Art from Scottish Collections, Edinburgh, National Galleries of Scotland, 2004, no. 4, pp. 64-65 (ill.).

Inscribed on the back 'Pirino dal Vago', and 'Dei[;] R 1[;]oo1', a stamp, another inscription, and two wax seals (not photographed) on back.

Acquired by Sir William Burrell with certificates by Giuseppe Fiocco, Raimond van Marle and Gronau. P. Humfrey (2004, p. 64) remarks: 'The picture must in any case have been painted by 1489, the date inscribed on a workshop variant, recorded in 1916 in the collection of Countess Brentani in Bergamo' (Heinemann, F., Giovanni Bellini e I Belliniani, Venice, 1962, p. 9, no. 36, figs. 388 and 403). The painting is documented in Barberini inventories as Bellini 4 August 1730, 12 August 1818 and 6 March 1854 (see the Getty Provenance Index Database).

Rights Owner Culture and Sport Glasgow (Museums)
Author Dr Heiner Krellig



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