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Title Alexander the Great Slaying his General Cleitus
Collection Ferens Art Gallery, Hull
Artist Blieck, Daniel de (Dutch architectural painter, ca. 1630-1673)
Date 1663 (dated)
Signed yes

This is a rare example of a Dutch history painting, mythological, landscapes and genre scenes being much more popular. This dramatic scene is also an unusual example of de Blieck's work, as he was best known for his church interiors. The actual story of the brutal murder by Alexander the Great of his General, Cleitus, is secondary to the sweeping arches and soaring colonnades of this architectural fantasy. In fact, this imaginary scene of murder set in classical architecture is more reminiscent of Rome than Holland. The figures may be by another artist, as may be the still-life to the left, a reminder of the strengths of Dutch painting during this period.

Current Accession Number 605
Inscription front ll 'de Blieck 1663'
Subject history (Alexander the Great, Cleitus); buildings and gardens; interior
Measurements 113.6 x 126.6 cm cm (estimate)
Material oil on canvas
Acquisition Details Purchased from Duits Ltd., London, with aid of the Victoria and Albert Museum Purchase Grant Fund 1970.
Provenance Probably J. Viet Sale, Amsterdam, 12 October 1774, lot 101, as by Emanuel de Witte; Dr D. F. Slothouwer, The Hague, 1940.
Principal Exhibitions Dutch 17th Century Pictures in Yorkshire Collections, Leeds City Art Gallery, 1982-83, cat. no. 13; Images of a Golden Age: Dutch 17th Century Paintings, Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery, 1989-1990, cat. no. 18; From Medieval to Regency, Ferens Art Gallery, 2002, cat. no. 31.
Publications Wright, Christopher, 'A National Lack', Art and Artists Magazine, 1984; Images of a Golden Age: Dutch 17th Century Paintings, Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery, ex. cat., 1989, no. 18. p. 54; Wright, Christopher, From Medieval to Regency: Old Masters in the collection of the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, 2002, pp. 65, 167, ill. p. 65.
Rights Owner Ferens Art Gallery, Hull
Author Dr Ruth Stewart



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