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Title Portrait of a Gentleman of the Soranzo Family
Collection Harewood House, Leeds
Artist Veronese, Paolo (Italian painter and draftsman, 1528-1588)
Date Earliest probably 1565
Date Latest probably 1570
Description This well known portrait by the great Venetian artist Veronese shows a member of the Soranzo family who were Procurators of St Mark's. The provenance of this important painting can be traced back to the seventeenth century, when it was displayed alongside a portrait of the sitter's wife in the painting gallery of the Rienst family in Venice. It then belonged to Nicolas Regnier, a Flemish painter who settled in the city. The painting shows Veronese's ability to paint sumptuous fabrics that reflected the wealth of his sitters.
Current Accession Number HHTP:2001.1.13
Former Accession Number 73 (Borenius)
Subject portrait (male of the Soranzo family)
Measurements 184.0 x 112 cm.0 cm (estimate)
Material oil on canvas
Acquisition Details Acquired from Charles Robinson, after 1916 and before 1920.
Provenance Giovanni Rienst, Venice by 1648; Nicolas Regnier (artist), Venice by 1666; sold in 1666 at Regnier's death; Sir Charles Robinson by early 20th century.
Principal Exhibitions National Loan Exhibition, Grafton Galleries, London, 1909 - 10, cat. no. 47; Leeds City Art Gallery, 1936, cat. no. 4; Mostra di Paolo Veronese, Ca' Giustinian, Venice, 1939, cat. no. 76; The Genius of Venice 1500-1600, London, Royal Academy, 1983, cat. no. 141; The Art of Paolo Veronese, National Gallery of Art, Washington, 1988, cat. no. 99.
Publications Ridolfi, C., Le meraviglie dell'arte, 1648, Berlin, 1914, i, p. 340 as 'nella Galleria del Signor Giovanni Reinst in Venetia... due ritratti di sposi di casa Soranza'; Pallucchini, R. (ed.), Mostra di Paolo Veronese, Venice, 1939, cat. no. 76, pp. 180-181; Berenson, B., Italian Paintings of the Renaissance, Venetian School, London, 1957, p. 132; Pignatti, T., Veronese: L'Opera completa, Venice, 1976, cat. no. 270, p. 153, ill. pl. 613; The Genius of Venice 1500-1600, London, 1983, cat. no.141, ill., p.137; Rearick, W. R., The Art of Paolo Veronese, Washington, 1988, cat. no. 99, p. 192, ill. p. 193; Pignatti, T., and F. Pedrocco, Veronese. Catalogo completo dei dipinti, Milan, 1991, no. 206 p. 280, ill.; Veronese, Gods, Heroes and Allegories, Milan, 2004, p. 173.
Notes A preparatory drawing for the painting, attributed to Veronese, is published in Veronese, Gods, Heroes and Allegories, Milan, 2004, p. 173, ill. p. 174. Henry Lascelles inherited the capital to buy paintings in 1916. Included in the Inventory of Chesterfield House, 1920, p. 78 as Italian nobleman by Veronese.
Rights Owner By kind permission of the Earl and Countess of Harewood and the Trustees of Harewood House Trust
Author Dr Phillippa Plock



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