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Core Record

Title A princess listening to music
Collection Artworld: Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts
Date 1800-1829 CE
Description Mughal-style attention to detail is shown in the palace building and the ladies' faces, dresses and jewellery. The setting is the courtyard of a typical highly carved Rajasthani palace. In the background, lush foliage can be seen over the palace wall. The princess sits with her servant on a carpet smoking a 'huqqa' and listening to female musicians playing the sitar and drum.
Description Source Information taken from Robert Skelton in Steven Hooper (ed.), 1997 & Margaret A Willey, 1995 (Revised 2000)
Cultural Context Indian
Id Number Current Accession 579
Location Creation Site Bharat, East Rajasthan, Bundi
Location Current Repository Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts
Subject visual work, painting, miniature
Measurements 235 x 305 mm
Context UEA 579 is an example of the Bundi school of painting.
Rights Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, UEA, Norwich, 2002. All Rights reserved
Work Type painting



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