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Title Portrait of a Boy
Alternative Title Portrait of a Boy (Possibly Sir Richard Edgcumbe)
Collection Mount Edgcumbe House
Artist Attributed to school of Lely, Peter (Dutch painter and draftsman, 1618-1680, active in England)
Previously attributed to Beale, Mary (English portraitist and copyist, 1633-1699)
Previously attributed to Hoynck, Otto (Dutch artist, born ca 1630, died 1686)
Date Earliest possibly about 1680
Date Latest possibly about 1690
Description The identity of the sitter in this portrait is uncertain, although the boy was probably a member of the Mount Edgcumbe family in whose collection the painting belonged. The composition, the style of painting and the child's Roman fancy dress suggest that it was painted towards the end of the seventeenth century. Considering the sitter's age, the most likely subjects would be Piers Edgcumbe (1676-1694) or his younger brother Richard Edgcumbe (1680-1758), who would become the 1st Baron.
Current Accession Number Plymm.018
Subject portrait
Measurements 76.0 x 62.4 cm cm (estimate)
Material oil on canvas
Acquisition Details Given in lieu of tax from the estate of Edward Piers, 7th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, 1985.
Provenance By descent through the Mount Edgcumbe family.

Although it has previously been thought that the portrait depicted Sir Richard Edgcumbe (1639-1688), it is far more likely that the sitter is one of his sons.

Back of canvas: 'No. 12'; 'Sl[...]orn[;]'. Back of stretcher: '107'; 'No. 611E'. Back of frame: 'PORTRAIT OF A BOY', 'P'; chalk 'LD'; pencil 'Sl[...]orn[;] Side' (probably instruction of where the painting is to be hung).

Recorded in the inventory of paintings at Mount Edgcumbe House (possibly compiled before 1941): (Dining Room) 'A young man, unknown. - / He is draped in red - in the fashion of ancient Rome. / He has fair hair (Head) / Size 2'1 x 1'8 1/2. Painted by Otto Hoynck'. (The size is not consistent with the painting but the description indicates it is the same work.)

Advice on seventeenth-century portraiture was given by Catharine MacLeod, National Portrait Gallery, in response to photographic images of the Mount Edgcumbe collection of portraits.

Rights Owner Copyright Mount Edgcumbe Collection
Author Dr Anne L. Cowe



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