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Title Nativity
Collection Royal Cornwall Museum, Royal Institution of Cornwall, Truro
Artist Unknown
Previously attributed to Maratti, Carlo (Italian painter, 1625-1713)
Date Earliest possibly about 1800
Date Latest possibly about 1900
Description A na´ve piece, set in an set in an ornate painted wooden frame, with marble columns and marble or shell inlay. The Holy Family appear in the foreground and shepherds in the distance. he central axis comprises the Trinity.
Current Accession Number TRURI:1000.96
Subject religion (Nativity, Trinity)
Measurements 21 x 12.5 cm (estimate)
Material oil on metal (copper (?))
Acquisition Details Unknown.
Notes While the work has a certain charm it is of very poor quality. It could be described as an item of popular piety. National Gallery curator Dawson Carr confirmed that it is a very na´ve piece, and the present attribution to Maratti is untenable. He was of the opinion that it is essentially unattributable even in terms of date and location of manufacture. The inlay of the frame is cold to the touch, hence probably marble. The frame is too elaborate for the painting, and it is possible it was made for another piece.

Rights Owner Royal Cornwall Museum, Royal Institution of Cornwall, Truro
Author Dr Susan Steer



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