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Title San Giustina, Padua
Collection Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead
Artist Attributed to manner of Guardi, Francesco (Italian painter, 1712-1793)
After Canaletto (Italian painter, 1697-1768)
Date Earliest possibly about 1750
Date Latest possibly about 1800
Description This work is believed to depict the Church of San Giustina, from the Pra della Valle, in Padua. Rendered in the manner of Francesco Guardi, it is thought to have been painted from an etching by Canaletto, the original painting of which was in the Nivison Loan at the Laing Art Gallery. The spatial confusion that clearly occurs in this work, is absent from the original, but present in the etching.
Current Accession Number TWCMS:B4949
Former Accession Number SAG 200
Subject buildings and gardens; place (Church of San Giustina, Padua)
Measurements 19.1 x 28.4 cm cm (estimate)
Material oil on paper
Acquisition Details Bequeathed by J. A. D. Shipley, 1909.
Publications Catalogue of the Shipley Collection, 1917, no. 200 as Mosque with Figures without attribution; Catalogue of the Shipley Collection, 1921, no. 200 as Mosque with Figures without attribution; Catalogue of the Shipley Collection, 1951, no. 200 attributed to 'follower of Guardi'.
Notes Though by the 1951 Shipley catalogue, this painting had been attributed to an unknown follower of Francesco Guardi, it was not until 1984 that Neil Moat carried out more research. He identified the church, previously interpreted as a mosque, as that of San Giustina in Padua, though there is still some uncertainty over this identification. Moat also believed the work to have been painted from an etching by Canaletto (seen in Haskell, F. Patrons and Painters London, 1963, p362-368, pl. 62), rather than from the original painting by Canaletto, part of the Nivison collection on loan to the Laing Art Gallery. Moat also believes thare may be another etching by Canaletto, specifically concerned with this corner of the Pra della Valle only, which may prove a more suitable candidate for the original design.
Rights Owner The Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead (Tyen and Wear Museums)
Author Elizabeth van der Beugel



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