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Title River Scene with Figures
Collection Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead
Artist After Both, Jan (Dutch painter, ca. 1618-1652)
Previously attributed to Both, Jan (Dutch painter, ca. 1618-1652)
Previously attributed to Heusch, Willem de (Dutch landscapist and etcher, 1625-1692)
Date Earliest possibly about 1640
Date Latest possibly about 1660
Description This work, a version of a painting by Jan Both in the Herron Museum of Art, Indianapolis, and probably by a seventeenth century contemporary, reflects the growing trend in the province of Holland in the seventeenth century, for a more Italianate landscape style. After the signing of the peace treaty of Münster in 1648, the Dutch could begin to relax in their newly secured Republic, and begin to look forward to an age of prosperity and pride in their nationhood. The paintings of the mid century reflect this change, and move from the very Dutch and particular landscapes of artists such as Jan van Goyen, to this broader, more classical outlook.
Current Accession Number TWCMS:C7351
Former Accession Number SAG 402
Subject landscape; figure; animal (horse)
Measurements 69.5 x 84.5 cm cm (estimate)
Material oil on canvas.
Acquisition Details Bequeathed by J. A. D. Shipley, 1909.
Publications Catalogue of the Shipley Collection, 1917, no. 402 attributed to Jan Both; Catalogue of the Shipley Collection, 1921, no. 402 attributed to Jan Both; Catalogue of the Shipley Collection, 1951, no. 402 attributed to Jan Both.
Notes This work is a pair with B4248. Previously attributed to Jan Both in the Shipley catalogues up to 1951, (authorised by Sir Alec Martin, Martin B. Asscher and Dr. de Wild), in 1979 Christopher Wright suggested an attribution to Willem de Heusch. However, in 2002, Caroline Worthington, a Pilgrim Trust researcher, returned the attribution to Jan Both (or after Jan Both), on discovery of the version in the John Herron Museum of Art, Indianapolis (55.225), which is slightly smaller, and was exhibited in Italy through Dutch Eyes, University of Michigan Museum of Art, 1964 cat.no. 16, and illustrated in the catalogue for that exhibition. Joyce Plesters of the National Gallery, having technically and scientifically examined the Shipley work, and compared it with known Both paintings in the National Gallery, wrote in a letter to the Shipley, dated 27th January, 1964, that the Shipley painting was technically, materially and stylistically consistent with works produced in the Dutch seventeenth century, and she saw no reason to believe that it had not been produced at that time. The attribution has therefore been clarified as 'after Jan Both' though contemporary with him.
Rights Owner The Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead (Tyne and Wear Museums)
Author Elizabeth van der Beugel



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