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Title A Monk Curing a Man of Gangrene in the Leg and Saving him from Amputation
Alternative Title A Surgical Operation
Collection Wellcome Library
Artist Attributed to Spanish School
Date Earliest possibly 1500
Date Latest possibly 1600
Description A nun is praying with a group of monks whilst a miracle is being performed by a monk on a man with gangrene in the leg and which is about to be amputated. It is believed that the monks are from an Augustinian order. The work is recorded as being by a Spanish painter of the late sixteenth or early seventeenth century but it is possible that it was painted for export to Spain from Antwerp as it is on a large sheet of copper that would have facilitated ease of travel. Wellcome purchased this painting in Spain.
Current Accession Number 44998i
Former Accession Number CC 9643; P 2917/1938
Subject figure; interior; still life
Measurements 69.0 x 85.7 cm cm (estimate)
Material oil on metal (copper)
Acquisition Details Bequeathed by Henry Solomon Wellcome 1936.
Provenance Granada or Seville, 1934 (;); in the collection of Henry Solomon Wellcome 1934 (;).
Principal Exhibitions Historical Medical Museum, Wigmore St, London, 1913, cat. no. 70 as A Surgical Operation.
Publications XVIIth International Congress of Medicine: Handbook of the Historical Medical Museum Organized by Henry S. Wellcome (the Museum of the Section of the History of Medicine), London, 1913, cat. no. 70, p. 71 (;) as a A Surgical Operation.
Notes 'CC9643' & 'H/PX' appear in chalk on reverse of the copper. The label on the frame says that this is a sixteenth-century painting from the Spanish School. A letter on file from the Prado Museum, Madrid, 10 May 1989 records that the work is Spanish late sixteenth or early seventeenth century of an Augustinian order 'obra flamena'. Curator notes on the letter to the Prado show that this came from Granada in 1934 but there are no records to support this. No letter from this date could also be found by Peter Johnston-Saint known as Captain Saint to Wellcome. Two versions of this work are in the collection and it is not clear which one was exhibited in 1913. The other work is oil on panel.
Rights Owner (c) The Wellcome Trust
Author Dr Madeleine Korn



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