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Title Monument to Johann and Magdalena Benth
Collection Wolverhampton Art Gallery
Artist Facchi (Italian(?) artist, active mid 19th century)
Date 1849 (dated)
Signed yes
Description On a hill in the foreground, a black stone pillar monument surrounded by grass and pink roses, inscribed in gold in medieval style lettering, names: Chamrette (?) Magdalen/ Dorothea Benth/geborne (smaller letters) Schott. A tree hangs over the monument. Below to the left, a path and beyond this, the crosses of a graveyard. Beyond and below to the left, a village (German or Northern European) with factory buildings. In the distance, a green hill and the faint, blue silhouette of a mountain. The treatment of the village suggests that the painting is topographical.
Current Accession Number OP68
Inscription front lr 'R [] Facchi 1849'
Subject landscape (North European); funerary (monument)
Measurements 25.4 x 25.4 cm cm (estimate)
Material oil on panel
Acquisition Details Unknown. In the collection by 1970.
Rights Owner Courtesy of Wolverhampton Art Gallery
Author Dr Patricia Smyth



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