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Core Record

Title Johnnie And Jane Bull Postcard
Collection Women's Library Suffrage Banners Collection
Artist Ch & JM
Date 1907-1922
Description Printed Suffrage Postcard Of Line illustration Of Boys And Girls On Stools From Mary Lowndes Album
Cultural Context British
Id Number Current Accession 234135.5
Location Creation Site Fawcett Society, Parnell House, Wilton Street, London SW1
Location Current Repository The Women's Library, LSE Library
Location Former Repository Archives, The Women's Library
Subject Finland, New, Zealand, Australia, Norway, Jane, Bull, Johnnie, Artist's, Suffrage, League, ASL, King's, Road, Chelsea, Stool, Children, Boy, Girl, ASL, Artists, Suffrage, League
Measurements 87 x 137 millimetres
Material Black ink printed on card
Notes Recto: "Finland New Zealand Australia Norway Miss Jane Bull: "Give Me a Bit Of Your Franchise Cake, Johnnie." Master Johnnie Bull: "It Wouldn't Be Good for You. " Miss Jane Bull: "How Can You Tell If You Won't Let Me Try It; It Doesn't Hurt those Other Little Girls." Ch & JM Printed And Published By The Artist's Suffrage League, 259, King's Road, Chelsea. 34d".
Rights Owner This item is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) license.
Technique Mechanically printed
Work Type Printed Postcard



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