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Core Record

Title Women´s Lib (Opus 1)
Collection Crafts Study Centre
Potter Audrey Blackman
Description Figurine, rolled pottery, bisque, porcelain clay.
Decoration A. Blackman, 1977, Opus 1 and title, incised
Id Number Current Accession P.77.14
Location Creation Site Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK
Subject ceramics, figurine, writing
Measurements 23 x 14 centimetres
Material bisque
History Built using David Leach's recipe for porcelain clay.
Notes Comment:
"Stage 5 in the development of my rolled pottery figurines. Bisque figure using stained bodies for decoration. As in the stoneware figures, the matt finish avoids the shiny highlights on the glazed porcelain figures which tend to interfere with the effectiveness of the modelling. The cream and stained bodies are rolled together or inlaid by rollin,g as in a child's dress."
Audrey Blackman

Slides in Crafts Advisory Committee's Craftsman's Index, 12 Waterloo Place, London, SW1
Relation Exhibition This work has been shown at: City of Stoke-upon-Trent Museum Cecil Higgins Museum, Bedford Museum of Oxford Paisley Museum and Art Galleries International Museum of Ceramics at Bechyne, Southern Bohemia, Czechoslovakia Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
Rights Owner Managed by the Crafts Study Centre.
Style Period Period 1970s
Technique rolling and modelling
Process Bisque built up in David Leache´s porcelain clay which has been stained with body colours and fired under oxidation in an electric kiln and a furnace (kiln fired to 1280 degree C. for one hour, one hour soaking at top temperature, followed by slow cooling for a further hour).



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