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Core Record

Title Johanaan
Collection African and Asian Visual Artists Archive
Artist Ronald Moody
Date 1936
Description The half-ton piece of elm used in this work came from the woodworks owned by Helene Cowan, who later became the artists wife. To date this is the most frequently exhibited and reproduced of the artist's sculptures.
Id Number Current Repository RM_014
Subject Mythical, Modernist, Religious, Figurative.
Measurements Dimensions 157x74x40 (diameter) centimetres
Relation Exhibition Picturing Blackness, Tate Gallery, London, England. 1995. Visualising Masculinity´s, Tate Gallery, London, England. 1993. The Other Story, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, City Art Gallery, Manchester. The Other Story, Hayward Gallery, London, England. 1989. Remembrance, Commonwealth Art Gallery, London, England. 1983. Festac ´77, International Festival of Art, Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa. 1977. 1990. Caribbean Artists Movement, House of Commons, London, England. 1968. Galerie Appollinaire, London, England. 1950. International Arts Centre, London, England. 1945. Kumstzaal van Lier, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 1938. Galerie Billiet-Vorms, Paris, France. 1937
Relation Part Of RM_007 - RM_014, RM_049
Relation Referenced By Full House, Late Night Line Up, BBC2, Television Programme. 1973
Rights Owner Cynthia Moody, The Artist´s Collection, Bristol, England.
Rights Status HE UK only
Technique Carved
Work Type Sculpture



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