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Title Midonz
Collection African and Asian Visual Artists Archive
Artist Ronald Moody
Date 1937
Description Midonz' is the female counterpart of 'Tacet'. It was with the Harmon Foundation during the war and, despite the artist's many attempts to retrieve it he never saw it again. After an intensive search it was restored to his estate in 1992.
Id Number Current Repository RM_035
Subject Portraiture, Figurative, Modernist. Egyptian and Chinese sculpture
Measurements Dimensions 72x38x44.5 (diameter) centimetres
Relation Exhibition Rhapsodies in Black, Hayward Gallery, London, England. 1997. Hampton University Museum, Virginia, USA. 1958. School of Architecture, Columbia University, Columbia, USA. 1941. American-British Art Gallery, New York, USA. 1941. Contemporary Negro Art, Dallas Museum of Fine Art, Dallas, USA. 1939. Contemporary Negro Art, Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, USA. 1939. XVZme Exposition, Salon des Tuileries, France. 1938. Kumstzaal van Lier, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 1938. Galerie Billiet-Vorms, Paris, France. 1937
Rights Owner Cynthia Moody, The Artistīs Collection, Bristol, England.
Rights Status HE UK only
Technique Carved
Work Type Sculpture



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