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Core Record

Collection Crafts Study Centre
Weaver Ethel Mairet
Description Hand-woven length, with stripes, made from black, yellow and undyed cotton, and black-grey and undyed Welsh wool.
Id Number Current Accession T.74.102
Location Creation Site Ditchling, Sussex, UK
Subject woven textiles, length, pattern
Measurements 464.6 x 76.2 centimetres
Weave plain
Material cotton
Other Materials Welsh wool
History The Welsh wool was spun by Messrs David Davies, Newcastle Emlyn.
Rights Owner Managed by the Crafts Study Centre.
Style Period Period 1930s
Technique hand-weaving
Process Loom: 4 shaft counterbal Warp: Fine soft cotton black 6 Fine soft cotton undyed 6 Fine soft cotton yellow 6 Ends per centimetre: 9 relaxed. Weft: single black-grey Welsh woolen yarn. 2 ply Welsh woolen yarn 4 Picks per centimetre: 6 relaxed. Finishing: washed and dried on roller.



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