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Core Record

Collection Crafts Study Centre
Weaver Rita Beales
Description Hand-woven length made with red and gold hand-spun wool.
Id Number Current Accession T.78.4
Location Creation Site Painswick, Gloucestershire, UK
Subject woven textiles, length
Measurements 234 x 75 centimetres
Weave plain
Material wool
Other Materials alum, chrome
Dye madder, fustic
Yarn z twist
Relation Exhibition ´60th Anniversary Exhibition of Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen´, The Corinium Museum, Cirencester, Glos., 20/12/93 -15/02/94.
Rights Owner Crafts Study Centre/Crafts Study Centre 2004
Style Period Period 1970s
Technique hand-weaving
Process Warp: red (mordant alum, dye madder). Weft: red (mordant alum, dye madder), and gold (mordant chrome, dye fustic). Weft stripes: 8 picks red, 8 picks gold, 2 picks red, 14 picks gold. 16 ends per inch 12 picks per inch



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