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Core Record

Collection Crafts Study Centre
Weaver Rita Beales
Description Hand-woven mat made with hand-spun natural and pale grey linen.
Id Number Current Accession T.81.24
Subject woven textiles, mat
Measurements 25.5 centimetres
Weave swedish lace variation
Material linen
Dye logwood
Yarn medium
Notes Weight: 14 grams
Rights Owner Crafts Study Centre/Crafts Study Centre 2004
Technique hand-weaving
Process Warp and weft: fine natural (possibly Sandringham flax) and pale grey (logwood) medium yarn. 28 e.p.i. 28 p.p.i. Borders: rectangles of Swedish lace divided by narrow bands of grey plain weave. Corners: square divided into four small pattern squares. Central panel: 6 x 6 ins. Swedish lace divided by narrow bands of plain weave, medium yarn, with a single lace unit on each junction.



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