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Collection John Johnson Trades & Professions
Title Variant Edward and Mary Hutton, chimney-sweepers, (likewise emtieth [sic] necessaries)
Date [1750?] (source: ESTC)
Description trade card
Id Number Current Accession Shelfmark: Trades and Professions 4 (50) (film number: ESTC filmed)
Inscription Edward and Mary Hutton, chimney-sweepers, (likewise emtieth necessaries) are now moved by the Spread Eagle in Humerton, Hackney. This is to acquaint the gentlefolks that I have a son, that prejudiceth me (in my old age,) likewise tells the gentry that he goes partners with me, which is very false; and as we have lived in the town upwards of forty years. I hope the gentry will take into consideration, not to employ any other while we are able to do our business in a compleat manner. Likewise cleans smoak-jacks, and extinguishes fires in chimnies with care and safety. We are always willing to serve gentry by day and night, and if so happy as to merit a continuation of their favours, will lay a lasting obligation on their humble servants, Edward and Mary Hutton
Location Current Repository John Johnson Collection, Bodleian Library, University of Oxford
Subject chimney sweeper;emptieth necessaries; cleans smoak-jacks; extinguishes fires in chimnies
Measurements Dimensions 8.5 x 12.5 cm. (single sheet dimensions of whole item)
Relation Document For Edward and Mary Hutton;Hutton, Edward;Hutton, Mary;Hackney (by the Spread Eagle, in Humerton)
Rights Owner Bodleian Library, University of Oxford: John Johnson Collection
Rights Status UK HE use only
Technique letterpress
Work Type Has ornamental border or other decoration



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