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Core Record

Title Time Spiral
Collection Public Monuments and Sculpture Association
Artist Robertson, Malcolm
Date Completion 1996
Date Design 1995-96
Description Spiralling clock sculpture with three faces, consisting of stainless steel slats laid horizontally between edge strips of silvery stainless steel. The three faces twist and corkscrew up to the summit where a stainless steel clock face is mounted on each of the three sides. It is set within a circular, paved area with points of the compass marked out and inlaid with gold lettering. Within the compass bearings are inlaid symbols of the signs of the zodiac.
Id Number Current Accession NE029
Id Number Current Repository UELNE029b
Inscription Incised lettering on brass plaque set into pavement below clock tower:
TIME SPIRAL / by / MALCOLM ROBERTSON / 1996 / [Stratford City Challenge logo] / Commissioned by Stratford City Challenge / in consultation with the following community groups: / Sarah Bonnell School, Rokeby School, Carpenters Primary / Carpenters and Docklands Art Classes, Stepping Stones Club, / Upton Centre, Hibiscus Centre, Greenhill Centre.
Location Stratford, Greater London
Measurements Dimensions Clock tower(600cm high approx x 235cm wide at base)
Material Stainless steel
Notes Chosen as part of Stratford City Challenge's Town Centre Programme for the regeneration of this area, Malcolm Robertson conceived 'Time Spiral' around the theme of travel: Stratford as a destination for migration and settlement. His original proposal was for a spiral tower, with the potential for integrating a fully functional clock into the design, but essentially to create a structure wherein 'curved walls sweep in towards a central point from all directions and amalgamate to form a unified spiral structure that acts as a beacon to continuously drawing the spectator's attention upwards and outwards.
The beacons draw their energy from the surrounding area and combine forces to produce a strong visual landmark of dynamic unity'.(1)
The proposal was modified slightly along the way, making the incorporation of the clock more central to the piece. The originally proposed seating around the base of the sculpture was replaced with terrazzo panel/mosaic designs showing the points of the compass and signs of the zodiac, emphasising the themes of travel, time and transport.
Rights Owner Public Monuments and Sculpture Association
Source UEL
Work Type Sculpture



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