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Title Time Terminus
Collection Public Monuments and Sculpture Association
Sculptor Pretor, Lodewyk
Date Completion 1999
Date Design July 1998 - February 1999
Description A circular brick-built seat consisting of a two-stepped circular brickwork base, surmounted by a painted brick sculpture of a double-decker bus, surmounted by a single-decker bus and an early wooden-wheeled bus. Viewed from the other side is a double-decker bus, a tram and assorted motorised public transport vehicles from various decades.
Id Number Current Accession WF056
Id Number Current Repository UELWF056a
Inscription On white marble plaque inset into the brickwork, incised in gold capitals:
Location Leytonstone, Greater London
Measurements Dimensions Vehicle sculpture(203cm high approx x 200cm wide), Two-stepped plinth(112cm high (62cm + 50cm) x 350cm diameter at base, 200cm diameter at top of 2nd step)
Material Red brick, partially painted, Red brick, (Milton Hall soft red and yellow stock brick)
Notes Funding for the commission came from one of the borough's regeneration projects, the Capital Challenge Fund, as part of the process of re-greening the North Leytonstone area following the M11 link road extension. The Public Arts Steering Committee launched a public competition in July 1998 which produced four proposals from which Lodewyk Pretor's emerged as the winning entry. The work was built on site during January and February 1999. Central to Mr Pretor's conception of the piece was the idea that it should be in harmony with the materials and environment in which it was located:
'It will be part of the general environment of the Plaza. I intend this rather than the traditional Sculpture in a different material, foreign to the Plaza environment, mounted on a plinth. It will consist of Terra-cotta and ochre coloured bricks (as used in the construction of the Plinth/seating) and be reinforced with steel and concrete in the centre'.(1)
The sculpture uses the same brick materials as the Plaza and bus-terminus themselves and appears to grow quite naturally from its environment. At the heart of the central core of concrete and reinforced steel, and unknown to anyone other than the artist, Mr Pretor placed two items - a kitchen sink and a roll of wallpaper, taken from the site of one of the houses demolished in order to make way for the new road proposal. It is a gentle irony that, at the heart of a piece of sculpture celebrating the evolution of motorised transport, there should be part of the very fabric of the environment demolished to allow for its creation!
The idea behind the piece is clearly outlined in Lodewyk Pretor's proposal:
'One of the most interesting things I noted while researching the history of the area was the vast array of public transport vehicles from the early years until the present. The plaza is situated at the heart of the local public transport network. I therefore thought it appropriate to pursue this theme in the artwork. I propose to erect a brick built pile of historical public transport vehicles. The vehicles will be historically represented in a simplified manner. The emphasis will be placed on making use of contrasting detail on vehicles to create the feeling of movement and rhythm in the work. This simplified realistic element should be recognised and appreciated by old and young of all ethnic groups. There is no specific emphasis on decoration but due to the medium used the piece may appear fairly decorative and no doubt this will add to the enjoyment of the piece by the general public'.(1)
One interesting feature of the finished sculpture is that the vehicles appear to come together and arise out of each other in a way that appears to defy the commonly-accepted rules and laws of brick laying. This effect is achieved by making the work, in essence, two separate pieces which were tied together in the inner core when it was cast. The tram, although it appears to grow from the other vehicles, is in fact a separate piece, tied in with the rest of the work at this casting stage.(2)
Rights Owner Public Monuments and Sculpture Association
Source UEL
Work Type Sculpture



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