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Core Record

Title Sound (Earth and Heaven)
Collection Crafts Study Centre
Calligrapher Ann Hechle
Description One of a set of four framed panels, watercolor paint and stick ink on vellum,
Part Of Series Aspects of Language
Id Number Current Accession C.95.8.ii
Location Creation Site Buckland Dinham, Frome, Somerset, UK
Subject calligraphy, panel
Measurements 68 x 58.5 centimetres
Material watercolour on vellum
Ink stick
History The four designs grew out of the Calligraphic Sampler, commissioned by the Victoria and Albert Museum and completed in 1978.

"In the Sampler, I had included some extracts from poems to show how calligraphy could illustrate their meaning. Through working on this panel I found I had read many poems and commentaries on poetry and prose, and had become fascinated with the structure of the English language itself; the four panels evolved from this material.

It took many months to choose the text and organise each panel so that the poems illustrating different facets of the use of language would sit happily together in the design.

To help me do this I completed a set of posters first (black and white only), using a 'cut and paste' method of layout for the artwork, which enabled me to work out all the details in the design as a sort of dress-rehearsal before committing myself to the final pieces on vellum.

The posters have an extra explanitory text down the side, and therefore slightly larger than the vellum panels. There was originally a fifth poster, but as I decided the design was unsatisfacory, I did not complete that version on vellum. The fifth poster was about Imagery and word association.". (Ann Hechle)
Relation Exhibition SSI Exhibition, Central School, 1984 ´Pioneers to the Present´, Crafts Study Centre,Surrey Institute of Art & Design, 14 January - 12 February 2002
Rights Owner Managed by the Crafts Study Centre.
Style Period Period 1980s
Technique hand-lettering



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