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Core Record

Title One impulse from a vernal wood
Collection Crafts Study Centre
Calligrapher Donald Jackson
Description Broadside, silk screen print and pencil on Japanese paper.
Part Of Series Government Development Bank of Puerto Rico portfolio
Id Number Current Accession C.87.29.i
Location Creation Site San Juan, Puerto Rico
Subject calligraphy, broadside, literature
Measurements 46.5 x 32 centimetres
Material silk screen print on japanese paper
Other Materials pencil
History Part of a portfolio of silk screen prints sponsored by the Government Development Bank of Puerto Rico. See Donald Jackson's file for 'A note from the artist' which was part of the portfolio. Given to Heather Child by G. Rodriguez-Benitez.
Literary Source William Wordsworth
Rights Owner Donald Jackson/Crafts Study Centre 2004
Style Period Period 1970s
Technique hand-lettering



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