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red jasper penannular earring with loops

Core Record

Title red jasper penannular earring with loops
Collection Artworld: Oriental Museum
Description Penannular earring carved from red jasper, with two small loops from which pendants may have been suspended.
Description Source Andrews, C. 1990. Ancient Egyptian Jewellery. London: British Museum Publications, p. 116, 117
Cultural Context Egyptian
Id Number Former Accession I444
Location Creation Site Misr
Location Current Repository The Oriental Museum
Subject jewellery, earring, decoration, technology, woman
Measurements 22 x 24 x 10 mm
Context In the New Kingdom, penannular earrings were made from a variety of materials including gold, electrum, glass (see 00017), red jasper and carnelian.

Sometimes described as a hair-ring.
Relation References 1982. Egypt’s golden age : the art of living in the New Kingdom, 1558-1085 B.C. : Catalogue of the exhibition. Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, p. 228
Rights Oriental Museum, University of Durham, Durham, 2002. All Rights reserved
Rights Owner OM
Work Type ear ring



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