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Core Record

Collection Crafts Study Centre
Correspondent Margaret Alexander
Description Letter written by Margaret Alexander to Edward Johnston, in which she discusses her copy work from pages 37 to 40 (2/Loan 12.37-40). One double-sided page, torn in half, with the continuation sheet missing.
Part Of Series Section included in Edward Johnston's teaching notebook
Id Number Current Accession 2/loan 12.43.a-b
Location Creation Site Southwold, Suffolk, UK
Subject archive, letter, correspondence, writing
Measurements 11.3 x 17.7 centimetres - Measurements are the same for piece a as for piece b.
Material ink on paper
History This letter was found inside a teaching notebook, kept by Edward Johnston from 1920 to 1931. It includes a section, which Margaret Alexander, a student of Johnston, began writing on 12 September, 1931. This covers lessons from 25 August, 1930 to the 30 May, 1933. There are also sections by other students.

Margaret Alexander writes:
"I don't know how to thank you for my lovely Notes. I don't think it can be often that 4 pages contain so much, and everything so clearly explained. I knew they would be worth waiting (& waiting!) for, but I didn't know quite how exciting they would be. It is very kind of you to have taken all that time and trouble. I can guess (anyway partly) how long they must have taken, when I realize how long my copy took - the thinking out must have taken far longer than the actual writing of the notes.
I'm especially grateful for all the detailed working out of the proportions of Margins etc: on P.38 - and how lovely the Bonus is! (P.40) It ought to be exhibited, but I don't know who could persuade me to part with even a page of my Notebook for the duration of an Exhibition (or for any length of time).
I only hope my copy is not too small; I thought you would probably rather have it on the 4 pages if possible, & then (when 3/4 done) I thought you would rather have had it larger & on more pages; & then felt uncertain! It can all be read under a magnifying glass anyway, except (I am afraid) the wording on the half fish (P.37) which is '1/2 Wt.'. I'm afraid I have got the middle part of P.39 rather squeezed up, and I am sorry P.40 isn't better. I don't quite know why the feet are so difficult to me. When I come for another lesson some time [sic], perhaps I ought to show you how I make them; The top (red) line quite defeated me! And your "i" in Trium is not long & unreadable like mine.
I didn't understand what the duplicate pages were for, as if they were intended for nay of the notes I could not easily get in, the corresponding pages (i.e. 37 and 37) could not have come opposite each other.
The pattern & scale is most useful, and although I feel I trembled at the task I have very much enjoyed copying them out, and found it a useful exercise. Thank you very much indeed, and also for my last lesson itself, which I never thanked you properly for. I often wish that a - the machine for taking down one's words; - could be present at my lessons, so that I could look again at everything you have said not only about Writing etc: but about Religion too. I try & remember it all, when I get rather in despair about progress in prayer and when doubts return & God seems far away. None of my friends here ever think of or talk of God, except to criticise 'church-goers' as narrow-minded & conventional, (but my church-going is smiled on quite kindly).
The friend who was extremely angry with me for"
[letter stops there and there is no continuation sheet]
Rights Owner Managed by the Crafts Study Centre.
Style Period Period 1930s
Technique hand-lettering



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