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Core Record

Collection Crafts Study Centre
Correspondent Margaret Alexander
Description Letter written by Margaret Alexander to Edward Johnston, thanking him for an inspirational lecture. (See general history for a transcription).
Part Of Series Section included in Edward Johnston's teaching notebook
Id Number Current Accession 2/loan 12.42
Location Creation Site The Studio, London, UK
Subject archive, letter, correspondence, writing
Measurements 12.5 x 20 centimetres
Material ink on paper
Other Materials pencil, red and blue colour pencil
Ink blue, black
History This letter was found inside a teaching notebook, kept by Edward Johnston from 1920 to 1931. It includes a section, which Margaret Alexander, a student of Johnston, began writing on 12 September, 1931. This covers lessons from 25 August, 1930 to the 30 May, 1933. There are also sections by other students.

Margaret Alexander writes:
"It was so very kind of you to think of me, and to take the trouble to send me the p.c's about your Lecture. I dont' know what I should have done if I had missed it! It was extraordinarily inspiring, and of such very real help, perhaps especially to those of us there who happen to be teachers (even in a slight way!) as well as students. I was excited to recognise so many of the things which are in my Note Book - the first time I have seen you actually demonstrating on a black-board. It was quite easy to see, and I think even those people on your right must have seen (practically) everything. There was a great deal of interest in watching you make the 'heads' of the Old English (10th Cent:) hand; I should think that scarcely anyone in the room had realized how they were made, before. How beautifully made your lovely arrow is!
I am so much looking forward to Monday 26th, and everyone is delighted that you are going to give two more next term.
I found out that Mr Rooke was putting you up for the night, and I expect he will be next time; But if not, I wanted to say that Miss Kendall & I would feel very honoured if you would care to come here for the night; We could take you backwards and forwards in the car, & fetch you from the Royal College which is quite close here. Of course you would be quite free, and could have meals at whatever time you liked! It is a funny little place to ask you to, but I think we could make you comfortable. With love to you and Mrs Johnston
from Margaret Alexander
P.S. I feel perhaps I ought to apologise for introducing a friend the other night, when you must have been so tired; but I was in rather an awkward position as she (Miss Ratcliffe) teaches Writing at the Central & was so very anxious to meet you."
Rights Owner Managed by the Crafts Study Centre.
Style Period Period 1930s
Technique hand-lettering
Process The red and blue colour pencil is presumably an accident, as if the letter was leaned upon whilst someone was drawing. The pencil is on the front top right, used for little studies of an italic hand.



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