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Core Record

Title My heartīs on the Rhine. (Mein herz ist am Rhein)
Collection Spellman Collection of Victorian Music Covers
Artist/Lithographer Brandard, J
Composer Speyer, W
Writer Mould, J W
Series Deutsche Lyra : a complete collection of the classical songs of Germany; no. 10
Venue the Philharmonic, the Ancient concerts, and Julliens concerts; Theatre Royal, Covent Garden
Performer Herr Pischek
Date [185-?] [1848-1858]
Description Vignette : traveller lying on a rock, surveying the village below, the river beyond, and mountains in the background; castle above; within a rustic frame
Cultural Context German
Id Number Current Repository P11068
Location Creation Site London
Location Current Repository Reading University Library
Subject Landscapes (representations). Rivers - Rhine. People - travellers. Built works - castles. Borders (ornament areas) - frames (ornament areas)
Measurements Dimensions 347 x 246 mm
Notes Spellman has colour photocopy on acid-free paper.
Publisher;Printer Jullien & Co;Hanhart, M & N
Relation Part Of Private Collection 1
Rights Owner Out of copyright
Rights Status UK HE only
Source Sold by Paterson & Roy [...] Edinr. (stamp)
Style Period Romantic
Technique Lithograph (frame printed in blue)
Work Type Sheet music cover



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