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Core Record

Title Scenes from a set of nine quick-changes
Collection Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection
Maker *Yoshikuni;Toyokawa;
Date 1825
Extended Description Three scenes, in pale pink, blue and grey, each shows figure on plain ground: 1. Nine-tailed fox, figure facing right, with floor length hair, hairy garments, and fantail, with chrysanthemums in each hand. 2. Fox-witch Tamamo no Mae, woman with pink and blue robes and large fan. 3. Naked man facing left in anger, in pink loin cloth, bird kite, still with piece of string attached, flies above, and rat jumps out of lacquer tray at his feet.
Id Number Current Accession O.6.2
Id Number Current Repository 1412
Inscription Artistīs signature: Jukodo Yoshikuni ga. Artistīs seal: Yoshi. Poems by the actor, signed Shikan.
Location Creation Site Osaka
Subject Print;Actor print;
Measurements Dimensions 380 x 763 mm (all)
Notes 0.6.1 the actor Nakamura Utaemon III as a Nine tailed Fox
0.6.2 the Fox Witch Tamamo no Mae
0.6.3 a Courtesan in the style of a Toba-e painting
and a Blackamoor (0.23)

Actor Nakamura Utaemon III as Nine-tailed Fox. 4 out of 9 quick-change roles in play 'Yosete aratama kokonobake', performed at the Kado theatre at New Year 1825. Series title: From a Set of Nine Quick-Changes (Kokonotsu henge no uchi). Published by Honsei. Jukodo Yoshikuni, working 1813-1830.
Rights University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection
Technique Colour woodcut
Work Type Oriental



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