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Core Record

Title Miyuki and Miyagi Asojiro (Japanese play characters)
Collection Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection
Maker *Ashiyuki;Gigado; Tamikuni;Toyokawa;
Date 1823-1826
Extended Description Lady on prow of large ship looking down at man in kimono, with two swords, who holds fan and cloth, in a small boat. Mountain, dark clouds and moon in background. Painted in shades of pink, grey, blue and black.
Id Number Current Accession O.2.1
Id Number Current Repository 1406
Location Creation Site Osaka
Subject Diptych;
Measurements Dimensions 363 x 550 mm (print)
Notes Actors Arashi Tomisaburo as young woman Miyuki (right) and Arashi Kitsusaburo II as Miyagi Asojiro (left). Artists' signatures: Ashiyuki ga (right) ; Tamikuni ga (left). Published by Iden & Tenki. Gigado Ashiyuki, working 1814-33 ; Toyokawa Tamikuni, working ca. 1823-1826.
Rights University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection
Technique Colour woodcut
Work Type Oriental



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