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Core Record

Title [Manuscript illumination: border decorations]
Collection Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection
Date late 13th century - early 14th century
Extended Description Decorations incorporating: 1. Dog chasing deer, monkey, chaffinch, archer and various exotic beasts -- 2. Deer and gold finch.
Id Number Current Accession F.128.1
Id Number Current Repository 1327
Inscription T.E.B. number "3723" (see Administration)
Location Creation Site England (London?)
Subject Illuminated manuscripts;
Measurements Dimensions 550 x 380 mm (pages)
Material Paint, gold leaf on parchment.
Notes Manuscript fragments, probably from a psalter owned by a rich lay family. It does seem as though these two border fragments would have been taken from the same book/manuscript. These would have originally been part of the Central School's Teaching Examples Collection.
Object Notes Partial borders with decorative stylised floriation/foliation, cusped with overpainting (which may have been silver, but now appears white). This border is inhabited by a rabbit, bird, grotesques, two hounds bringing down a deer, a dragon, a male archer and a human head - all inhabiting a wonderful (zoomorphic and anthropomorphic) border which would originally have surrounded a body of text.
Rights University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection
Work Type Fine Art



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