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Core Record

Title [Manuscript illumination: bishop, monks and corspe scene]
Collection Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection
Date early - mid 13th century
Id Number Current Accession F.123
Id Number Current Repository 1322
Location Creation Site North Italy (Bologna)
Subject Illuminated manuscripts;
Material Paint and gold leaf on parchment.
Notes Mounted. Related to F.33.1-8, F.34.1-9 and F.122.1-7. All of which may come from a glossed text of the canon law. Glossed texts were common during this period and indeed throughout medieval times. A gloosed text would include a body of text (such as the Bible for example) surrounded by further text which would act as an aid - commentating on, elucidating or translating the main text. The gloss would usually appear in the margins or between the lines. This would have originally been part of the Central School's Teaching Examples Collection.
Object Notes A small miniature featuring figures which appear to be - a Bishop; a number of monks; a corpse; winged demons - alll gathered around a cabinet and a doorway. Alongside this strange scene is a small body of text (Latin) in a (black) textualis rotunda script.
Rights University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection
Work Type Fine Art



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