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Title Portrait Astrid
Collection Tim Mara Collection
Artist Tim Mara
Description A woman sitting still, by the light of the window in a cluttered living room watching television. The composition is repeated: Vermeer's 'Girl reading letter at an open window' (1657) is seen on the wall and it too depicts a woman standing by a lattice window; outside another woman can be seen by the window of an adjacent building. The Dutch Masters' themes of stillness, clarity and light are evident. There are many relationships going on in this print: the paperwight and the snowstorm; the newspaper says 'photo-finish adds up to right answer', while the runners' shirts depict a calculation '163 + 815 6 = 163 '; 163 is also the visible number on the tape measure which is on the cabinet. Astrid was a local girl and her clothes are very indicative of the print's era.
Subject sitting rooms - television - women - boots - newspapers - mirrors - glass - teacups - paperwights - windows - reflection - refraction - portraits - shadows - cast shadows - frames - checker pattern - mesh - miniskirts - stripes - jackets - chairs - photomontages - iconography - light - ecp
Measurements Dimensions 920 x 920mm
Material paper
Notes Last piece done at Wolverhampton.
Relation Edition 20 in edition
Rights Owner Tim Mara Estate
Technique photo-screen print



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