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Core Record

Title The Second Room
Title Series Picnic Series
Collection Tim Mara Collection
Artist Tim Mara
Description Four people sit around a small room looking out onto a field with cows. All the faces are obscured, though Mara is the figure leaving the room. The headlines of the two newspapers being read are direct translations of each other - one is in english and the other in spanish. The only headline not translated is that of 'Another child savaged by dog on picnic'.
Subject men - women - sitting room - sofa - chair - glass - television - tray - newspapers - magazines - translations - spanish - cows - lights - telephones - tables
Measurements Dimensions 890 x 890mm
Material paper
Notes Done as undergraduate student at Wolverhampton Art College.
Relation Edition 10 in edition
Rights Owner Tim Mara Estate
Technique photo-screen print



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