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Core Record

Title The Five Festivals (Go sekku no uchi)
Collection Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection
Maker *Kunisada;Utagawa;
Engraver Hori-Take;;
Date 1854, 7th month
Id Number Current Accession O.11.1
Id Number Current Repository 1854833436
Inscription Actors´ names and series title, Toyokuni (III) ga, Aratame, Seal: Aratame
Location Creation Site Japan
Subject Print;Actor print;Album;*Kunisada;;;
Notes The Fifth Month (The Boy's Festival) Satsuki with Nitta Tadatsune (L) and Juro Sukenari (R)
Contained in O.11, an album of Azuma nishiki-e (colour prints of the East)
Object Notes SEE O.11.6
Publisher Uekin
Relation Edition 7th month, Tiger (1854)
Relation Exhibition Mirror of the Stage: the actor prints of Kunisada, Leeds, The University Gallery
Relation References Article in book: Clark;Timothy;, Nineteenth-century Japanese Actor Prints, Object Lessons: Central Saint Martins Art and Design Archive, Backemeyer;Sylvia; ed. Lund Humphries Publishers in association with The Lethaby Press. Pages 51 - 53, 1996.
Rights University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection
Technique Colour woodcut
Work Type Oriental



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