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Core Record

Title ...And We Talk about Sacrifice
Collection Imperial War Museum: Posters of Conflict - The Visual Culture of Public Information and Counter Information
Artist Couillard, R
Concept war loans / savings, civilian effort, civilian personnel, civilian suffering, women / womens work, war debris, death, costume / fashion, empire / commonwealth
Description whole: the image is positioned in the upper three-quarters. The title is integrated and placed in the upper fifth, in black. The text is separate and located in the lower quarter, in white, set against a red background.
image: a shoulder-length depiction of an elderly woman, wearing a headscarf, with tears at the corners of her eyes. A ruined building and a grave cross are visible in the background, set against an orange sky.
text: ...and WE talk about sacrifice
Object headscarf, grave cross
Id Number Current Accession IWM PST 16666
Location Creation Site Australia
Measurements Dimensions 760 mm x 507 mm
Material lithograph on paper
Format Series Notes 4L-7.
Event WW2 Australian Home Front
Related Country Australia AU, British Empire/Commonwealth BC
Text Language English
Rights Every effort has been made to trace copyright holders and gain permission for use of the images within this collection. We would be grateful for any information concerning copyright and will withdraw images immediately on copyright holder’s request.
Style Period Period 1939-1945
Production Method lithograph in 6 colours
Work Type poster



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