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Amenhotep III/Amenophis III/Nebmaatre, King, statuette of Amenophis III

Core Record

Title statuette of Amenophis III
Collection Artworld: Oriental Museum
Artist Amenhotep III/Amenophis III/Nebmaatre, King
Date 1390 - 1352 BCE
Description Incomplete statuette of the king Amenophis III, with most of the head and limbs missing. He is standing with his left foot to the front and his arms pendent. He has a beard and wears a wesekh collar around his neck and an armlet of three bands around his left upper arm. The king's name is inscribed on the middle of the belt with a panther's head is below, over a short pleated shendyt kilt and apron.
There is one column of hieroglyphs facing to the right on the right hand side of the figure and one column facing to the left on the left hand side, with a perpendicular column starting further down the figure. Down the back pillar on the reverse of the statuette, there is one column of hieroglyphs facing to the right.
The bright blue glaze is worn and patchy in places. There are two holes on the right hand side of the statuette, presumably to attach the right arm to the figure. It is possible that the statuette was once half of a double statuette, probably of the king and his wife Tiye.
Circa 1370 BCE.
Description Source Birch, S. 1880. Catalogue of the Collection of Egyptian Antiquities at Alnwick Castle, London: R. Clay, Sons, and Taylor, p. 56-58
Cultural Context Egyptian
Id Number Former Accession N496
Inscription Egyptian, hieroglyphic, carved on back
Egyptian, hieroglyphic, carved on left
Egyptian, hieroglyphic, carved on right
Location Creation Site Misr, Upper Egypt, Governorate of Luxor, Thebes, Thebes: West Bank, Temple of Amenhotep III/Kom El-Hetan
Location Current Repository The Oriental Museum
Subject sculpture in the round, statuette, king, costume, technology
Measurements 99 x 197 x 288 mm
Notes The head of this statuette is now in the Cairo Museum.
Relation References Bryan, B.M. 1992. In Kozloff, A.P. and Bryan, B.M. Egypt’s Dazzling Sun, Amenhotep III and His World, Cleveland: The Cleveland Museum of Art, no.21, p. 200-202

Bryan, B. in Goring et al., eds., Chief of Seers: Studies for Cyril Aldred, Studies in E
Rights Oriental Museum, University of Durham, Durham, 2002. All Rights reserved
Rights Owner OM
Style Period New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep III/Amenophis III/Nebmaatre
Work Type statuette



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