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Title The Rhone
Collection fineart.ac.uk
Artist Thomas Joshua Cooper
Nationality American
Material silver gelatin print
Biography Thomas Joshua Cooper is currently Professor and Senior Researcher of Fine Art. He is recognised as one of the foremost contemporary photographers of the land and the sea and is also an occasional practising poet. He has exhibited all over the world and is represented as an artist in the USA by the Sean Kelly Gallery, in Belgium by the Patrick de Brock Gallery, in Germany by Galerie Bugdahn und Kaimer and also Galerie Thomas Schulte, and in the UK by the Ingleby Gallery in Edinburgh.

Thomas Joshua Cooper was born in San Francisco in 1946. He is a US Citizen with permanent British Resident Status.

The photographic work of Thomas Joshua Cooper explores fundamental elements (light, time, gravity) through an intense process of enquiry into the nature of land (geology, geography, vegetation) and the flow of water (rivers, sea). Cooper's photographs present spaces of symbolic and historical importance. Recently he has been making an increasing number of journeys of exploration, travelling to the ends of the world - to the northern most part of Europe, to the southernmost part of habitation, and intends to continue making more of these working trips to the north-east-west-south parts of civilisation.

Since 1971 Cooper has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Europe and the UK and his work is included in a great number of publications. During 2002- 03 he has had four solo exhibitions - in New York, Berlin, Italy and Lanzarote.

Thomas Joshua Cooper is included in Debrett's People of Today (1991-1999) and in the latest editions of Who's Who in Scotland and Who's Who In the World.
Biographic Notes Research interests are fine art, the sea, borders, edges of land, solitary journeying, human exploration, dicovery of land
Education 1969: BA Art, Philosophy, Literature, Humboldt State University, USA
1970: MA Art (Distinction in Photography), University of New Mexico, USA
1982 - 2000: Founding Head of Photography, Glasgow School of Art
1998: Honorary Professorship, Glasgow University
2000 - 2002: Chair of the School of Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art
2002 - : Senior Researcher, School of Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art
Institution Glasgow School of Art
Work Type photograph



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