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Title Der Weg zum Frieden! [The Way to Peace!]
Collection Imperial War Museum: Posters of Conflict - The Visual Culture of Public Information and Counter Information
Artist von Sartor
Printer Hofbuchdruckerei Hermann Bergmann, Berlin SW48 Bauer und Gemberg, Berlin N54
Associated Person Hindenburg, Paul von (Field Marshal)
Date 1918
Concept cartography, propaganda, POW, weapons, railways, aircraft
Description whole: the nine images occupies the majority. The title is separate and positioned across the top edge, in white. The text is separate and is positioned above each image, in white. Further text is integrated and positioned within the images, in black. The title and text are set against a gray background.
image: nine separate maps depicting campaigns dating from August 1914 to spring 1918.
text: Der Weg zum Frieden!
Die Russennot!
Aug. 1914
Einmarsch in Nordfrankreich
[first map, showing Russia's attack on Germany from the east, and Germany entering northern France via Belgium in the west; with a inset listing numbers of prisoners, artillery guns and machine guns captured]
Hindenburg kommt!
Aug.-Dez. 14
1. Tannenberg.
2. Masuren.
3. Polen.
[second map, showing German victories over Russia at the Battle of Tannenberg, the First Battle of Masurian Lakes, and in Poland; with a inset listing numbers of prisoners, artillery guns and machine guns captured]
Die Russen geschlagen!
Sommer 1915
Durchbruch bei Tarnow-Gorlice / Fall der Weichselfront
[third map, showing German victory at Gorlice-Tarnow on the Eastern Front; with a inset listing numbers of prisoners, artillery guns and machine guns captured]
Serbiens Niederwerfung!
Herbst 1915
Der Weg zum Orient frei!
[fourth map, showing the Central Powers' invasion of Serbia; with a inset listing numbers of prisoners and artillery guns captured]
Das verführte Rumänien!
Herbst 1916
Siebenbürgens Befreiung - Einnahme von Bukarest
[fifth map, showing the Central Powers' invasion of Romania; with an inset listing numbers of prisoners, artillery guns and machine guns captured]
Der Verräter Italien!
Herbst 1917
Der Zusammenbruch der Italiener am Isonzo
[sixth map, showing the German and Austro-Hungarian victory over the Italians at Isonzo; with an inset listing numbers of prisoners, artillery guns and machine guns captured]
Befreite Völker!
Frühjahr 1918
Friede im Osten! Der gesprengte Ring!
[seventh map, showing the territories gained by Germany at the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk; with an inset listing numbers of prisoners, artillery guns, machine guns, railway carriages and locomotives captured]
Die Mauer im Western!
1915 1916 1917
Die Rückendeckung der Sieger im Osten.
[eighth map, showing the Western Front, 1915-17; with an inset listing the names and dates of battles]
Zur Abrechnung
Frühjahr 1918
Die prossen Schlachten in Frankreich
[ninth map, showing the German Spring Offensives of 1918, with a inset listing numbers of prisoners, artillery guns, machine guns and aircraft captured]
v. Sartor.18.
Druckstöcke Bauer u. Gemberg, Berlin N. 54.
Hofbuchdruckerei Hermann Bergmann, Berlin SW. 48
[The way to peace! The Russian emergency! Aug. 1914. March into Northern France. [first map] Hindenburg is coming! Aug.-Dec. 14. 1. Tannenberg. 2. Masuria. 3. Poland. [second map] The Russians defeated! Summer 1915. Breakthrough at Tarnow-Gorlice, fall of the Weichsel front. [third map] Serbia's subjugation! Autumn 1915. The way to the Orient is free! [fourth map] The seduced Rumania! Autumn 1916 Siebenbürgen freed - the taking of Bucharest. [fifth map] The traitor Italy! Autumn 1917 The collapse of the Italians at Isonzo. [sixth map] Freed nations! Spring 1918. Peace in the east! The demolished ring! [seventh map] The wall in the west! 1915. 1916. 1917. The victors' back covered in the east. [eighth map] To accounting. Spring 1918. The great battles in France. [ninth map] Plates Bauer and Gemberg, Berlin N. 54. Court book printers Hermann Bergmann, Berlin SW. 48.]
Object map
Id Number Current Accession IWM PST 12946
Location Creation Site Germany
Measurements Dimensions 1151 mm x 798 mm
Material lithograph on paper
Event WW1 German Home Front
Related Country Germany (pre 1945 and post 1990) DE, Great Britain GB, France FR, Italy IT, Switzerland CH, Serbia SB, Romania RO, Montenegro ME, Albania AL, Austria-Hungary AH, Austria AT, Hungary HU, Poland PL, Denmark DK, Netherlands NL, Greece GR, Bulgaria BG, Belgium BE, Russia (Imperial, pre 1917) RU
Contextual Notes The Battle of Tannenberg in August 1914 was a major German victory against the Russian Second Army, halting its advance into East Prussia. The Russians sustained 50,000 casualties and 92,000 of them were taken prisoner. The defeated Russian commander, General Aleksandr Samsonov, shot himself.
Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg and his Chief of Staff Erich Ludendorff became national heroes after the victory and took effective control of the German war effort. The Germans named the battle after the nearby village of Tannenberg, the site of a German defeat in 1410 in which the Poles had overthrown their rulers, the Teutonic Knights.
Text Language German
Rights Every effort has been made to trace copyright holders and gain permission for use of the images within this collection. We would be grateful for any information concerning copyright and will withdraw images immediately on copyright holder’s request.
Style Period Period 1914-1918
Production Method lithograph in 6 colours
Work Type poster



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