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Core Record

Title An engraving print of the crypt of Repton church
Collection The Sir Henry Dryden Collection
Date 05/1885
Description St. Wystan is a Saxon church. The crypt is 16.5 feet square and 10 feet high.
Id Number Current Accession DR/08/043
Location Derbyshire
Location Current Repository Northamptonshire Central Library
Subject Church architecture, Religious buildings, Abbeys, Priories, Crypts, Structural elements (buildings), Vaults and cellars, Cellars, Pillars, Columns, Anglo Saxons, Anglo Saxon, Saxon, Anglo Saxon remains, Stone carvings, Carvings
Object Notes 16cm x 14cm mounted
Place Of Publication London
Negative Reference MF R03 F249
Publisher Bemrose
Rights Northamptonshire Libraries and Information Service
Work Type Engraving



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