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Core Record

Title All Saintsí church, Brixworth, eagle sculpture
Collection The Sir Henry Dryden Collection
Author/Creator Dryden, Henry E L
Date 1888
Description Probably Brixworth Base notes for Pamphlet 'On Two Sculptures in Brixworth Church, Northamptonshire'
Id Number Current Accession DR/25/046/086
Location Brixworth
Location Current Repository Northamptonshire Central Library
Subject Decorative arts, Historical periods, Structural elements (buildings), Church architecture, Religious buildings, Abbeys, Priories, Doorways, Doors, Normans, Stone carvings, Carvings , Quoin, Wedge
Object Notes Ink and pencil
Scale 0.0430555555555556
Negative Reference MF R19 F009
Rights Northamptonshire Libraries and Information Service
Work Type Sketch



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